Restart Your Resolutions

Restart Your Resolutions

February 8, 2018 Live the Life You Want! 0

It is that time of the year again. The time when we all have gone back to our normal lives and the New Year hype is over. This is the time when we all forget our New Year’s Resolutions and get suck in our normal rut. But why do we allow this to happen?

There are actually a few psychological reasons as to why this happens. One of the main reasons is called False Hope Syndrome discovered. This means that people set extremely difficult and unrealistic goals for themselves that are out of alignment with how they really feel. Really think about these goals that you set for yourself. Are they huge goals like loosing a large amount of weight? Are they goals of completely changing careers in a matter of months? While these are amazing goals, they may be a little unrealistic in our lives, and because it is near impossible to accomplish them, it can damage how we feel about ourselves.

Imagine all the times you set a major New Years Resolution for yourself and how you felt when the next new year came around. It can be devastating to realize you still have the same hopes and dreams and yet a year later are in the same situation. Even with that, there is a way to turn it around. Below are a number of ways to get back on track with your goals and ways to keep them fresh and new.

How to get back on track:

1. Evaluate your goals

This can be one of the most difficult tasks to do. In order to really get your goals accomplished you need to look at what you set for yourself. What is your goal? Is it to lose a certain amount of weight? Is it to travel the world? These major life goals are a huge reason that we are so set back.

So take some time to really think about what you want to accomplish. Try not to make it too specific or narrow. Allow yourself some freedom in the way you accomplish this goal. Take a few days to mediate on your dreams. Envision your future and what you will do in this year to get one set closer.

2. Create small goals that lead to the big goals

Now that you know what you want to accomplish this year, let’s break it down. Take that big goal and break it into small goals that will be easier to accomplish. Let’s say you decide you want to lose weight. Break down, realistically, how much you want to lose a month or every three months. Then create small goals such as working out three times a week or even the types of food you will be eating.

These small goals can be as just getting up ten minutes earlier in the morning. These goals do not need to be complex or difficult, they are simply goals that help you work towards your big dreams.

3. Plan out the year

Something that I have learned to be extremely helpful is to plan our my year. I don’t mean set every day for a year, I just mean setting up each month or even season with your goals. If you are looking for a few months to allow yourself time to accomplish a goal I recommend going with the seasons. Write each season down and then add three things you would like to accomplish in those months. You can also do this with each month if you feel as though you will be able to stick with it.

4. Plan out each week a month in advance

If you are looking to blog more, build a routine, or anything of the sorta you can always plan out your month in advance. I currently plan out my month the week before it starts. I get on google calendar and write out each blog post I want to publish, each news letter, and any projects I am working on. This keeps me in check with the things I feel I need to do in order to accomplish my goals. This has also helped me create a routine to get things done on my blog. So far it has saved me a lot of stress and time!

5. Have fun

Remember that goals do not need to be filled with stress and doubt. Have fun with your goals and remember to celebrate every accomplishment no matter how big or small. Even the smallest of accomplishments can make the biggest difference to your over all goal. So get a buddy and go out each time you make that change. Do anything to remind yourself how damn good it feels to get something done. And then use that to motivate you to accomplish more.

You got this! I know you do!


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