5 Helpful Weight Loss Tools!

Weight loss can be terrifying when you look at it head on. There are so many apps and programs and tricks that will “Help you shed those extra pounds in a week!” Well I am here to make things a little easier. Below are the tools I have been using throughout my weight loss journey that keep me being healthy and smart about my food options. They keep me motivated to keep going and inspired to help others. Some of these apps may be ones that everyone says, but they say it for a reason THEY ARE AWESOME! Side note: I am not affiliated with any of these companies, I simply want to share with you what works for me!¬†

1. My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal is a tool to help you keep track of the calories you are consuming. The way it works is that you search or scan all the food and drinks that you eat and input the amount you had. It then calculates the amount of calories and other factors that are in it and lets you know how much you are eating overall. When you first start using it the app will take your height, weight, and current activity level and let you decide how much you are looking to lose. Then it will calculate how many calories you should be consuming in a day.

All of these features are free and can be connected to other apps or devices to give you a better estimate of how many calories you can eat in a day. There is a paid feature within the app that gives you more exact numbers and can help with looking at exactly how much protein and carbs and such you are eating. However it is not necessary to upgrade, and can still be EXTREMELY useful with the free version if you put your food in daily.

Another great addition to this app would be using any smart watch or Fitbit, anything that counts your calorie burn for the day. This is useful because it will add your burned and extra calories to your available eating calories and help you see how much is going in and out.


2. Smart/Fitness Watches

I know this part can be expensive, but they truly at a great investment. I got my first Fitbit a year ago. It was a Fitbit Charge HR and I wore it all the time. The only time I was not wearing it was to charge it while I was in the shower. It counted how many calories I was burning throughout the day, how many steps I was taking, how I slept, and kept track of my exercises and more. It helped me lose even more weight when I first started using it because I knew exactly how much I was burning and eating and what would help me lose weight. I currently have a Fitbit Blaze and love it so much!

If you are able to get a Fitbit I highly recommend it, however there are so many other watches out there that are cheaper or may work better for your phone or lifestyle. Just look out there for good deals and invest in one for yourself.


3. Step Counters

If you do not have access to smart watches you can always use something to count your steps. Many phones now have step counters programmed into them. LG has LG health to count your steps and keep you moving. There are also apps you can download that count every time your phone moves like you are walking. These are not always the most accurate but can still be helpful to get those steps in every day!

Some good apps are: Pedometer & Weight Loss Coach, LG Health, Walk with Map My Walk, and S Health. Check to see if your phone has any apps already installed.

4. Waterlogged

This app helps you stay hydrated! You can set alarmed to remind you throughout the day to drink water. It also allows you to log your intake and connect it to other apps such as Fitbit and MyFitnessPal. This helps you keep all aspects of your progress and tools on one page!


5. Diet Bet

This is my favorite tool at the moment. This can be accessed both on your computer and on your phone. I have written a previous post about my thoughts on this tool and how to get the most of it. Check that out here. The general idea is that you bet $30 or so dollars that in four weeks you will lose 4% of your body weight, that is 8 pounds for me! You then go through challenges that the host offers and work with others to stay motivated and lose that weight together. At the end if you succeed you split the pot of money with all the other winners. It is fun and a great motivational tool.



I hope these tools help you jump start your weight loss. I know with the new year coming up it is time to get motivated to lose that holiday weight and start the New Year healthy. Look these Apps and tools up and start using them now. You will be surprised how amazingly helpful they can be. What other apps do you use to stay motivated with your weight loss, tell me in the comments below!

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