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I decided to spend a little time getting back to old and positive ways. I write this not from a laptop in a dark room with the TV on, but rather on paper with a pen while laying on a blanket in the sun. This last month has really called for me to be aware of myself. I spent two weeks experiencing what seemed to be never ending stress and negative events. That then lead to a week of bed rest with an inability to breathe and consistent fevers. During that I really had time to think about my life.

It’s so easy to go back to being unhealthy and unaware of our bodies in times of extreme stress. We often forget to care for ourselves when we need to take care of others. Eating healthy seems harder, working out sounds like more pain, and motivation and energy go right out the window. This is one of the biggest problems that presented itself to me this past month. I can’t handle true stress for shit. I am the one to tell you to look at the positives and just take a breath, while I am over here freaking out, having full blown anxiety attacks, and waiting for the next bad thing to happen while I eat a bowl of french fries and ice cream.

If no one has told you this, or you do not believe it, let me reassure you:

What you put out in the world is what you get back.

By this I mean that if you are waiting for the next stressful, negative event to happen, it will. But if you just keep telling yourself good is going to come and you stay positive, it will.  I have such a hard time keeping this in my mind when I am going through something stressful. I start to get into the mentality that it is only going to get worse and nothing good can come from it. But that is never the case. Things can always get better and there is a reason for the negative things that are happening. Once I finally get a positive mindset, good things start to flow my way.

I bet you are like, “well that is way easier said than done” and I kind of agree with you but there are ways to bring a positive outlook back into your life in times of need. Here are a few techniques that I use to bring the positivity back into my life.

Positive Affirmations:

Positive affirmations actually can be a huge help. I had a few that I used for the last few weeks that I not only said to myself but also wrote down numerous times in my journals.

I am worthy of positive things happening in my life.

I am a powerful person.

I will heal and be stronger than ever before.

Smile, it is going to be a beautiful and amazing day.

Those are just a few that I used to keep myself positive and feeling good. You can say those to yourself a few times a day or even write them down. You can also make your own positive affirmations that apply to your life and what is happening to you. Just make sure they are about you and are positive. Saying negative things to yourself will only cause more negative problems, so be happy and remind yourself how amazing and powerful you are.


Write It Out:

One of the most beneficial things I have learned to do over the last few months is journaling. Anytime something big happens in my life I find myself writing it down. More often than not I am writing about something negative that is happening because I find that getting it out onto paper helps me not only sort out the problem, but also to stop thinking about it. If something big or small is happening in your life that you continue to think about or is keeping you up, write about it. Write like you are taking to a good friend and figure out a solution while you do it. Read over what you wrote and see if you realize anything new. I find that when I do this I am able to solve problems in ways I never even imagined and I feel so much better doing it.

After each entry make sure that you write at least three things you are thankful for. Remember that whole “what you put out comes back”? Well being thankful and appreciative for the things and people you currently have in your life will bring more of that to you. So end every entry with a thank you and even tell those around you that you appreciate them. The more positive the better.


Take A Day:

This may be a lot harder than it sounds, and many of you may say it isn’t possible but give it a shot. Take a day just for you. Maybe on a day off from work, turn off your phone and just do what you need to do. This can be a say you go sit at your favorite coffee shop or even just laying around and watching movies. Take some time for you. We lose ourselves in the needs of others and forget that we need time for us. So take a few hours or a day. Do whatever it is that makes you happy and feel good. And of all things do not feel bad for it. The people around you should understand that you need some time to take care of yourself, and if they don’t understand that then they do not value you. You are the most important thing in your life, so treat yourself like a king or queen for the day. You deserve it.


Surround Yourself With Positivity:

Try to surround yourself with anything and everything positive. Read a positive book. Look up motivational and positive quotes and pictures. Buy yourself some flowers or plants. Put on some bright colored clothes. Anything that is bright, happy, and positive. It is such a small act but just a big impact. The little bright things in your life make you feel better. Even listening to upbeat music can make a huge difference. So do small things that make you feel good. They will make a huge difference I promise.

I hope that you can use these to bring a little positivity in your life when things are going negative. Try to keep your head above it all and smile throughout the whole thing. Negative things can always present themselves in our lives, the question is how long are you going to let it dominate. You have the power to change everything in your life, just stay positive and take care of you.


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