7 Steps to Accomplish Your New Year’s Resolutions!

Every year most people state on December 31st that they have new plans for the next year. They are going to change and do all the things they have been hoping and dreaming of. This is going to be their year! And then BAM, January 3rd and they are back to old ways.  Some people stick with their plans but that is a small group of people. More often than not those same goals roll around to the next December and the cycle continues. But that doesn’t have to be you this year. There is a way to make sure you New Year’s resolutions stick this year and don’t get thrown to the side at the first sight of a snickers bar. So what are these magical tricks you say? Well, let’s get started!

1. Make a list!

I am sure this seems obvious, but a lot of people simply say they are going to do this and that this year, take it a whole step farther and write your list down. Write everything you wish you could accomplish this coming year. All the goals you want to succeed with. Anything and everything. This gives you a chance to see all your dreams for the year and find which goals overlap and can be made into one. Once you have your big long list of greatness, you can move on to the next step.

2. Make them realistic.

I know I just told you to reach for the stars and it may seem like I am now crushing your dreams, but being realistic is key to making sure you succeed with your goals this year. All of us want to make a million dollars or lose 100 pounds in six months, but neither is likely or healthy. So take a minute to look over your list. If you have a set number you want to lose this year, maybe lose the number and aim for a better goal such as getting and staying healthy or just lose weight. The number may make it seem so much harder and unrealistic later down the road. While you make these goals more realistic, do not take out the challenge in them. If you simply want to earn a dollar or lose a pound, there is no difficulty in that. Make them difficult but something you can actually do and work towards. The challenge can be the fun part.

3. Break your goals down.

This is one of the most important steps! You now have a great list of realistic yet challenging goals and are ready to hit them head on. But wait! That may be a little too much to handle at first and may cause you to forget them all together. No one wants that! If you take your long list of goals, for each one break them down into two or three more levels. You start with your large overall goal, now break it down into how you can get closer to that goal every month, then every week, and if you so fancy write down every day how you will get closer to achieving that goal. I recommend simply breaking it down month to month and as the time goes on you can make daily or weekly tasks for yourself throughout the year. This will keep you on track and help you stay more organized throughout the year! And how great would that be if that was one of your goals!

4. Share your goals.

One of the best ways to keep yourself on track is by telling others. This can simply be by telling your friends your plans, telling your mom, or even posting on social media. Having other people know will keep you on track and give you a little motivation to finish what you started. (That is one reason I started my Instagram account). You can do this at whatever level you feel comfortable with. Just make sure you spread the word or find someone who will hold you accountable. You got this, but a little help from others can go a long way.

5.Find helpful tools or people!

I know, I know you can do this all on your own. I agree, you can. But there are tools out there to help you do it even faster and better. For this step, find a tool or thing that can help you accomplish your goals. If you want to lose weight you can use the app MyFitnessPal, or even get a watch that keeps track of your calories. There are hundreds of apps for weight loss that will keep you motivated and on track all year round. (A post will be out soon of all the apps I use to keep me going!) If you are planning to drink more water there are apps to remind you. There are even websites and apps, or texting services to keep you from smoking! Crazy right!? So look up tools to help you master those goals and keep using them all year. It never hurts to get a little extra motivation.

6. Document EVERYTHING!

This may seem odd for some of you but documenting everything can be a huge game changer. If you are quitting smoking or any addiction, journal once a day or week and write about how you feels physically and emotionally. You will be surprised when you look back and see how horrible you use to feel and how much things have changed. This goes for weight loss as well. Anything you can write about, DO IT. Take pictures of your progress. Want to grow your own food? Document its growth! Take pictures and write how much it has grown each day. It will show you how far you have come and how amazing you are doing all year. And if it is bad news, let it inspire you to find a better way to do it.

7. Put reminders everywhere!

This is the last step you need to take. Put reminders of your goals everywhere you can. Put a few sticky notes on your bathroom mirror to remind yourself what you want to accomplish that day.  Add a few reminders and alarms in your food to eat healthy or drink more water, or whatever you have planned for yourself. Even add a few reminders in your calendar. This will help you down the road if you have lost track, it will pull you back in. Have motivation and reminders everywhere to show you what you are headed to.

Now that you have your steps, get out there and do it! One huge reminder, you do not have to wait until the clock ticks 12 on the 1st. You can start now. Make those goals and get started. There is no reason to wait a week to start when it can only benefit you to start early. I know you have got it this year and we all are going to be those few people who manage to actually succeed in our New Year’s Resolution. 2017, This is our year! Now go achieve something amazing!

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