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            Today is the weight in day of the Diet Bet I started four weeks ago. If you missed my post on Instagram a diet bet works like this. You bet $30 that you will lose 4% of your body weight in 4 weeks. Now this sounds like a lot, but it really isn’t. I had to lose 8 pounds in that time, and realistically I have done that many times before so I figured this would be a cake walk (HA!).

The first three weeks started AMAZING. The weight was flying off and I was .7 pounds away from my goal. You can say I was excited. But as life always seems to have it, I lost my momentum. Thanksgiving hit like a ton of cookies. I did not watch what I ate and ended up not going to the gym. It was rough. During that same time I started at a new job, realized how bad the job was, quit the job, got unbelievably stressed out, and celebrated my birthday. In other words, there is every excuse I have for why I stopped working out, started eating out all the time, and inhaled the cookies and cake.

As you can imagine, or have caught on, I gained most of the weight back. Therefore, I didn’t win the diet bet. And you know what, that’s okay. My whole goal when I bet that money was to see what this whole diet bet thing was all about. I wanted to understand the process and see what would happen and I did. And even though I didn’t win money I still plan to do this again in January.

So let me tell you what I did notice and learn, because obviously that is the point of this. The way this whole program works is that you and everyone else who bet in that game can post and write to each other. I noticed or at least feel that the more invested you are in posting and commenting and reading the better you will do. It is a massive support system. That is probably the most amazing thing about this whole program. When you sign up you now have a bunch of people who want exactly the same thing. How great is that!?

The next important thing I noticed is to keep active with your weight. I always hate to say look at the scale, but that is what this bet is about. I weighted in about every three days. I wanted to see how I was looking throughout the week to see if I needed to work harder. The only thing I have to say about this is don’t let it get you down. The scale is nothing compared to how you feel and look. Sometimes the scale won’t move because you gained muscle, you are bloated, or it just feels like being annoying that day. It doesn’t mean you aren’t doing amazing work.

So even with my sad news that I lost money, I would still highly recommend this. It is a great support system to encourage you to keep at it for four weeks. Just remember that if you don’t win, that is okay too. Life happens; you just have to remember to pick yourself up and try again. Hopefully you can join me on the next one in January!

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