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Ladies, let’s talk periods!

This is a topic I am sure we all avoid. It is s horrible to talk about periods in public or with any boys within a 10 mile radius. Well screw that! I found something so amazing that I want to share with all of you! I have always had a love hate relationship with my period. For example, I wanted it so bad as a young teen and was so happy when I got it. For the first few months I loved it because I felt like I was finally a woman and it was fun to learn all about it. That only lasted until about six months in when I started getting cramps from hell. Since then I have tried to find every way possible to make my period as easy as possible.

The first step was mastering cramps! At the first little tingly of a cramp I would take pain meds and mentally prepare myself. It wasn’t until I want about 15 years old and got on birth control that my cramps were manageable. As crazy as that may be birth control can be used for just cramps. My mother helped me get on them because she understood how bad my cramps were. I was beyond grateful and it has never been the same since.

It wasn’t until this last month that I managed to find a way to avoid spending money monthly and hiding my tampons every time I went to the bathroom. I found the magical creation of the Diva Cup. Holy Fucking Moley! This thing is amazing! I was really sceptical when I bought it but figured I would give it a shot.

How It Works:

The Diva Cup is a silicone cup that you place in like a tampon and it holds all of the blood. This sounds pretty weird I am sure. Let me explain a little more. This cup is not big, it is a small little cup that you fold and place inside. You then spin it around to make sure that it opens completely. It is not painful in any way. It feels similar to using a tampon for the first time, its just different. Once it is open and placed properly you never feel it, just like a tampon!

Ready for the best part? You can leave it in for 12 hours! You don’t have to empty it multiple times a day. This was the most annoying part about tampons for me. I always felt like I needed to go change it in fear of a leak or hygiene. But this amazing little thing does not leak and can stay in all day or night. I changed it in the morning and then again before bed. It was the most stress free period of my life!

Once you are ready to empty it, you break the seal by squeezing the bottom and pulling it out. You empty it into the toilet and then rinse it off in the sink. Now this part can be pretty gross for a lot of people. But i want you to remember that this is your body. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to understand everything about how your body works. I actually found it really awesome to see how my cycle worked and exactly what my days looked like. You can also by the brands soap to clean it and make sure that you do not get any bacteria on it.

Saving the Earth!

The next amazing part about this is the fact that I contribute so much less plastic to the world now. This is not a big thing for most people but you have no idea how big of an impact on the earth that can make. Every piece of plastic that has ever been created is still on earth. It takes so long for plastic to decompose and it will simply sit and crowed up areas for so many years. I have been working to live a plastic free life and this was a big step in the right direction.

Hello Money!

The next amazing part about this is that you NEVER have to buy tampons or pads again. I want you to sit back and think about how much money a year you spend on these products. I know that I buy at least one box a month, sometimes two if I forget to bring them with me. This can seriously add up over time. The Diva Cup costs about $22 and can last for years! You have the option to replace if every year if you would like. And even if you do replace it every year you are still saving so much money! You can use the money for things that make you feel better during your week of crap, making it a really positive experience.


I will say that the first time using this took me a few shots to get it right. It took me about three times of trying to get it in properly. At no point did it hurt but I did have a moment of leaking. The way that I fixed this was to make sure that it was able to spin all the way around and open up completely. After that there was no leaks or problems at all. A great way to understand how to use it properly is to read the instructions in the box. It helped me a lot.  I recommend trying this for the first time when you can be home for a few hours and make sure that you are not leaking and it was put in properly. Other than that this is amazing!


I highly recommend you check out this product. It is seriously the most amazing thing I have ever found. Amazon has it for a cheaper price than the actual Diva Cup website. I also do recommend getting their soap just because it does add to the length of the silicone. So give it a shot and tell me what you think!

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2 thoughts on “Diva Cup Review”

  • I almost bought this the other day at Walmart. But it was $36 I think so I put it down. I know in the long run it is definitely a great deal. At that moment I just couldn’t buy it for that reason.

    • It is so much cheaper online. I highly recommend looking on amazon or even the diva cup website. I got mine for 20 dollars which is about three boxes of tampons for me. So worth the one time spend!

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