It is so important in our society to educate yourself through books or documentaries. In the United States public education system we receive zero classes on proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Because of this I spent most of my life eating horrible foods and when I did try to “diet” I was putting even worse foods into my body with the illusion that it was healthy.

In the last year I decided that it was time that I teach myself. I started to read any book I could get my hands on and watch every documentary that caught my eye. I want to share these amazing finds with you in hope that you will take the time and have an open mind and watch these documentaries. They can be completely eye opening and change your entire life.

But please remember that an open mind is key. If you watch this with a closed mind you will never accept the information that they offer you. If you are more of a reader, please head over to my Amazing Books page and check them out!

P.S. These all can be found on Netflix!

Fed Up

Fed up is a documentary about sugar that everyone should see. As a society we have been wildly misinformed and because of it the obesity epidemic has grown drastically.  You will start to wonder what else has been in your food this whole time and how you can get it out of your food! I highly recommend starting with this documentary and working your way to others.

What the Health

This amazing documentary came out in 2017 and is filled with so much information it will blow your mind! The narrator is a really awesome guy who just wanted to make sure to take care of his body because a great deal of diseases and illnesses run in his family. This work of art will have you changing the way you live and be so happy that you did.

Food Inc.

This is another great view on food. When you catch yourself watching these types of documentaries you just can’t stop. Add it to your list and let the information flow through you. The more you hear it the more you will want to change the way you live and take on this new healthy lifestyle.

Forks Over Knives

Forks Over Knives is a documentary that has been talked about a lot in the health world. It shows that a plant based diet has so many benefits I could not even begin to name them. They show you a number of people who decided to change to this way of eating and have changed their health because of it. I highly recommend watching this for anyone who wants to lose weight or even just live a healthier life all together.

Plant Pure Nation

Plant Pure Nation takes a number of people on deaths door and changes their eating to a plant based diet. It shows how their health does a complete 180 and how amazing they feel. You can seen the happiness wash over each person as they are changing during the weeks of eating plant based. It is truly remarkable to watch.


This documentary is not for someone with little education on the animal industry. I stumbled on this when I first started getting interested in if I should eat meat or not. As soon as I finished this documentary I stopped eating meat. This is a very raw documentary, so if you are easily sickened or grossed out I do not recommend it. However if you would like to see why there are so many ethical vegans out there, this is a must see.


This documentary is not about food, however it is something I recommend watching. We as a society tend to buy buy buy. It fills our closets and homes with things we do not need and probably do not even know we have. This movie has helped me get rid of so many things that I did not need in my life and has helped me from buying just to buy. If you are unhappy and notice that you just have a lot of stuff, give this a view. It may help you understand that stuff does not make you happy and that it is time to try a new method.

I am so happy I was able to share these with you. Please note that I am not connected to any of these documentaries, these simply changed the way I view everything. If you are  not ready to take on that kind of lifestyle that is okay. Just know that the information is there when you are ready and it will change everything you thought you knew. If you have found other amazing documentaries please share below. I will be updating this as I find more!

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