How to Fight Cold and Flu Season!

Cold and flu season is upon us! If you are anything like me, you get sick easily. Every year for as long as I can remember I get sick during this month. Last year I had a sinus and ear infection, the year before that I had the flu, and at some point I had walking pneumonia that seemed to take six months to get rid of. But this year I am finding a way to combat these illnesses and keep myself healthy and strong! I figure I should let you know what I am doing so we can all stay healthy during this sickly time.

Keeping Clean!

One of the most important things to remember during this season is something we have been told since we were kids. Wash your hands often! We all hate it because unless we are in a bathroom it is a little out of the way. But honestly it is key. A good option is to buy a small little hand sanitizer container and keep it with you at all times. You can find these in almost every store, and even places like bath and body works has ones that smell, AMAZING! So next time you are at the mall or a gas station or even Walmart, pick some up. Believe me you will be happy you did.

Cover Your Mouth! (and nose, and well your whole face!)

I really feel like this should be obvious, but sometimes it isn’t. When you sneeze or cough or anything of the sort. Cover up! Avoid using your hands, instead use your arm. This keeps you from grabbing a doorknob and passing those germs to others. In addition to that wash your hands after. The reason these illnesses spread so fast is because we all touch the same things and your sick germs love to stick on and pass to another person.

Take Care of Yourself!

Have you ever noticed that when you “just cannot get sick right now“, you always seem to? This is because if you are really stressed or working like crazy, you are lowering your immune system. That’s why this is such an important time to take care of yourself.  Make sure you are getting a good nights rest. Eat way more veggies and fruits than you normally would. Work out a few times a week. And take breaks. It really is okay to take a break every now and then and this really is a good time for it. Take a bubble bath every night or read a book. Just make sure you are taking care of your body and mind. They are connected and if one is weak they both are. So treat yourself and be kind to your body and it will stay strong for you.

Powerful Tools

During this season and any time I feel like I am getting sick I have a few things I go out and buy to stop the illness in its tracks. Some may seem a bit silly but it really does go back to taking care of yourself. Last month I caught a cold that my father had and I was able to knock it out in two days buy using this stuff and taking care of myself. So give it a shot and pick some up just in case.

  1. Emergen-zzzz!
    • This stuff does wonders! Not only will it help you sleep if you are starting to get sick. But it helps heal your body as you sleep. I use it almost every night that I have trouble falling asleep and I always feel amazing the next day.
  2. Alka-Seltzer Day and Night.
    • As soon as you start to feel that cold  come on, take a couple of these. It will start to help those symptoms and make you feel like a million bucks.
  3. Dr. Teal’s Bath Salts
    • This stuff has been created by angels. I swear! If you hop in the bath and add a little of this you will feel great. Just take deep breaths and soak it all in. They also have bubble bath which can also be amazing. Just let the salts do what they are meant for and you will be happy, healthy, and ready for bed.
  4. Water, Water, Water!
    • We are always told to drink fluids when we are sick. Well drink them before. Start getting use to drinking a bunch of water. It will not only keep you hydrated and healthy but it will keep your system clear of toxins. So get a bottle you love and start to chug.
  5. Rest
    • I don’t care if you are sick or not. Get some sleep. Sleep is when our body has the time to heal and protect it’s self. If you are depriving it of needed hours you are only hurting yourself more. Make time to get to bed earlier so that you can keep your body in tip-top shape!
  6. Eat healthy
    • This one always seems obvious but we tend to forget. This is the perfect time to load up on whole foods. There are so many cold and flu fighting nutrients in whole foods. It will keep you from getting sick and you will feel on top of the world. So anything you can grow, eat it!


I hope this helps you stay healthy and strong during this sickly season. Never forget to take care of yourself. Tell me below in the comments what you do to combat the cold and flu season! I love to hear what you guys do to stay healthy and we all benefit from more options! Stay healthy and beautiful friends!



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