Holiday Season Survival

If you are anything like me, the holidays are rough when it comes to eating well. And sometimes it is hard to keep your sanity. The holidays can be amazing and jolly, but in reality it can also be stressful, overwhelming, and downright difficult to stay healthy in any way. So let’s talk a little bit about what we can do to prevent it or even just survive through this time.

One of the key things that people forget during this time is their mental health. We are told everywhere that this is the jolliest time of the year, yet it is also the highest time for depression and suicide. So many things happen around the holidays, and it should not be ignored. If you are experiencing depression or thoughts of suicide, ALWAYS tell someone. You are never alone and there are always people who care about you.

The winter season is also a prime time for seasonal depression. Seasonal depression is a disorder that causes a person to experience depressive feelings during only one season a year. It happens every year and is very common. Do not let this get you down this year. Work on ways to care for yourself. Some of these ways may be:

  • Going on a walk
  • Read a book
  • Take a bath
  • Write down everything you are feeling
  • Color or draw
  • Watch your favorite comedy (Show or movie)
  • Get out and get some fresh air
  • Take some time for yourself
  • Meditate
  • Talking to a friend or family member, even a stranger works
  • Dancing and singing to music you love
  • Going out and having fun with your friends
  • Do anything that makes you feel better, that is healthy

These are just a few ideas; however doing anything healthy that makes you feel good is what you need to do. Don’t stay around people or in a situation that makes you feel angry or depressed. It is better to walk away than to explode and say or do things out of negative emotions. Remember that you can always talk to someone in moments like these, and it is okay to go be by yourself for a while. Your mental health is the most important thing. So stay calm and show yourself care and love.

Physical health is also extremely important yet so hard to focus on during this time. I won’t lie and say I was magically able to not eat the cookies I made or eat the holiday food we had. That would be hypocritical and a flat out lie. It is okay to indulge. We all do it. So eat that cookie and have a slice of pie, but remember that when the day or weekend is over you go back to eating healthy.

I made sure that at the end of my horrible weekend of sweets and fat I would be ready to push myself to full gear. I knew that I was going to eat poorly and that after I would need to detox my body from everything I ate and make sure I eat my veggies the next day. Here are a few of the things I did:

  • Drank Probiotics the night before my fresh start
  • Consistently drank water (If you significantly peeing more than normal you are doing it right)
  • Created a week plan for my food
  • Threw away or donated uneaten sweets or leftovers
  • Make plans for at minimum a long walk the day of (Aim to hit the gym)
  • Hit the gym like you normally would
  • Remember that one bad day or weekend does not stop you

This is just a start. Sometimes it takes a full restart to get your body and mind back into gear. Use this time to reeducate yourself on nutrition, make a new workout plan, read some weight loss blogs, and find new inspiration.

The holidays can be amazing or create a terrible way to start the New Year. I know that you will enjoy your holiday and then get back on track and go even harder. Keep care of your mind and body and remember that you are first priority. If you are unhappy or unhealthy, you cannot have fun with other or inspire them like others inspired you.


Happy Holidays Everyone! I know they will be amazing!

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