Manifest Your Dream With Journaling

I have stumbled upon a gold mine! I am ready to share this miracle with all of you. A few months ago I met at amazing woman named Kelly Bennett. She is the creative director of the best restaurant in Las Vegas called Vegenation. At a really critical time in my life she held a number of pop up events that happened to be exactly what I needed. One of those events was called Manifest Journaling.

When I saw the name of this workshop I thought, “I have zero idea what that is, but I need to go.”  And so I did. This workshop taught us all about how to manifest the life that you want. She explained how to add this little journal technique to your morning routine and it would change your life. And I shit you not, it does.

I have been starting every morning that I can with manifesting my day and how it is going to lead to the life that I want. This little ritual has not only connected me with the Universe and helped me put all my trust into it, it is also is a great reminder of how I am going to achieve my goals. This journaling style is very similar to a vision board. It puts all of your ideas and dreams in one place and reminds you every day to do something to get to those dreams. So here is how it works!

Daily Activities:

You start each day’s journal entry by listing all the things you want to get done that day. This can ultimately be a to do list, but make sure that there are things in there to help lead to the life you want. Mine are often filled with writing a certain blog post, looking up new recipes, and coming up with new product ideas. But for me this list has day to day stuff as well, such as cleaning my bathroom or something as simple as eating healthy.

I try to make this list in order of what needs to get done. This makes it easier to go back and see what I need to do next. But this is your own, so do it how you think is best. If you want to just make a list of everything and get to what you can, that works to.

The Universe

This is where you tell the Universe what you need that day. Lately I have been adding things such as, “I am healed. I am strong.” I write this in the future tense. This is because I often have my back in the front of my mind. I am working everyday to create a healing plan for after surgery and this helps me keep my goal in mind as well as ask the Universe for a little assistance. Always write in the present tense because you are doing it now, not later.

I Am Thankful For

If you have not heard about this yet I am shocked. Staying three things you are thankful for each day has shown to have amazing benefits. It not only makes you feel good but it shows the universe that you are grateful for what is has given you to help. So add a few things at the end of each entry that you are thankful for. I usually go over my three things but I can always find things to be grateful for.

Get Funky!

Add in some motivational quotes, stickers, and photos. I went to pinterest and printed a bunch of photos and motivational quotes to add to my journal. I then glued them in random places and wrote some love to myself in other pages. These are just great surprises for later to keep you going!

And more:

There is so much more to this journal but I want to give it over to Kelly to explain. Go check out her site and the YouTube video on how to create your own manifest journal! I promise you this is such a game changer. It will help you put every idea you have in one place. It shows you that it is not that hard to get to where you want to be in life. And it is such an amazing way to start the day. It not only organizes you but it makes you feel good and happy. So give it a shot, it is a couple minutes added to your morning. And it will change, everything.

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