All of these products I love and would recommend that everyone tries. By clicking on the photo you will be taken to their Amazon page. If there are any other items you would like to know about that I use, please comment below.

Clothing/ Shoes:

Teva Women’s Verra Sandal: These sandals have been my new go to. They are amazing for hiking, walking, and really anything where you need better grip and great support. 

Sanuk Flip Flops: This is the only brand of flip flops I will wear. They are made with yoga mat material. They not only give me support and comfort but they also keep me grounded.

Cleaning Products:

Mrs. Meyers  – I looked for a long time to find better cleaning spray to use in my house. I tried to make my own and I can honestly say I did it very poorly. Mrs. Meyers is amazing. It smells great and I honestly think my house is cleaner than ever before.

Swedish Cleaning Cloth – I know for me I used a whole roll of paper towels when I clean. I realized that problem with this is that I am not only wasting money but I am also causing a lot of trash. I stumbled upon a brand of these and fell in love. They clean so much better than I ever expected. I just get them wet, do my cleaning, rinse them off, and then when they need it I through them in the wash. By far my best purchase.

Kitchen Items:

Hydro Flask – Let’s be realistic. We all need to drink more water. We are a society of dehydrated weirdos. I know I am almost always dehydrated which is not really healthy living. I was gifted with an amazing Hydro Flask and I love it. I bring it with me to work and am trying to bring it with me everywhere. It hold cold and hot drinks and keeps them that temperature for hours. I can see many people thinking this is a bit expensive. And I won’t lie, it is. But if you are constantly buying water bottles you can easily add up to the price of this one bottle. Really evaluate how much you are spending on plastic bottles. This may be a way cheaper option.

Reusable K Cup – Keurig’s and products like it are amazing for many reasons. However the plastic K-cups are not. The creator of this machine even admitted that he wished he hadn’t because of its horrible impact on the planet. Well some amazing person created a reusable cup! You can add any coffee to it and make the same cup you would with a plastic one. I do want to mention that you must get one that has a plastic ring on the top. If it does not have this piece the machine will not read that it is able to use it. So keep that in mind when picking one up.

Juicer- I received this juicer as a gift from my mother a year or so ago. It wasn’t until recently that I have really used it. It helps me make the most amazing green juices and isn’t expensive at all.

Blender- This blender helps me make all my shakes, smoothies, and nice-cream. It is not the most amazing blender, but it gets the job done until I can buy a Vitamix.

Self Care:

Bamboo Toothbrush  – These toothbrushes are life savers. I never really thought about what happens to my toothbrush after I toss it. it never occurred to me that it is plastic and wouldn’t decompose for decades. So I found these amazing babies and have been using them ever since. I even got my boyfriend on board with using them. They work as well as any brush and make you feel better about your environmental impact. Also a bonus is that you can write on them and use them as plant labels! Booyah!

Menstrual Cup  – Alright ladies. It is time to talk about periods. There are so many of us out there that use tampons and never really think twice about them. They are easy to use and for the most part safe. But they do contain chemicals and add to the environmental change. I got this diva cup and have not gone back since. It does take a little time learning how to use but it is worth it. You can leave it in for up to 12 hours, there is no chance of TSS, it is a one time purchase, and it helps you learn how your body is working. If you can get past the blood part you will fall in love with this. I know I have.

Hempz Shampoo & Conditioner- I love this brand so much.  A few years ago my hair was really damaged after bleaching it and I have been in recovery every since. This brand makes my hair feel soft and silky. It also smells amazing!

Grocery Shopping:

Green Bags   – These bags are great for big grocery shopping. You are able to hook the bags right into the cart so that you can separate the items as you go. This also makes bagging so much easier and you can pick them right up and toss them in your car. I try to keep at least two bags in my car at a time but one bag can go a long way. Just be careful if it gets really heavy.

Produce Bags – Have you ever noticed how much plastic you can accumulate when you are getting produce? They have plastic clear bags for all of your produce and it is so easy to just grab one. Here are some amazing mesh produce bags that you can even use in the bulk section! I used mine to get rolled oats and all my fruits and veggies.

Thank you for taking the time to check out these items. I am always trying new things to make sure to check in every once in a while and see what new items you can add to your life that I have tested and loved. Also be sure to comment below with any items you use to help better our planet!

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